A Short Comparison between Faux Stone vs. Real Stone

Faux StoneHome renovation is the necessary process in order to create a home-like feeling. It includes both the interior and exterior of the house. For renovation, people have been using paints to make the house reflecting the color they want. Many people like using stones and bricks of different colors in this regard. However, this renovation requires considerable amount of fortune to be consumed. Still interested to apply stones to design your interior and exterior walls? Good news is there is also a solution for it.

Most of you people might have heard about the faux panels. These panels are usually made of polyurethane and they tend to give the look of real stones or bricks when installed on the walls. The faux stone panels are particularly popular in this concern. If you are thinking that faux stone panels could be fragile as compared to the real stones due to lower costs, you need to do a little research to find out the truth and I really hope that you will be happy to find out that you were wrong. Here are some advantages of faux stone panels that will help you compare faux stones vs. real stones.

First to come is affordability. As discussed above, faux stone panels are made from polyurethane which is undoubtedly less expensive as compared to real stone. This is the obvious reason that people now are more inclined to buy faux stones rather than real stones. With real stone, you will think of decorating just a part of wall but with the faux stone, you will not have to spend much in order to renovate the entire interior and exterior.

Being cheap doesn’t mean that faux stone panels are less durable. The close cell structure of polyurethane used in the faux stone panels can help protecting the walls from getting any damage. This is the reason that these panels are equally suitable to beautify the exterior of the house.

Faux stone panels are easy to apply. Unlike the real stones which need to be applied piece-by-piece, faux stones are designed to make the entire panel that can cover a big part of the wall in a jiffy. You can cut these panels further in order to make the proper fitting.

Last but not the least; faux panels are amazing to look at. The texture of these panels wouldn’t let anyone doubting that these are the faux stones on the wall. Ease of application and availability of different designs guarantees you the spare time and peace of mind to get innovative while decorating the house.

Why to use Faux Stone Panels

Faux Stone PanelsBeautification of home is the next important thing after building home. It is the human nature that we want our houses’ interiors and exteriors to reflect our likes and dislikes in the convincing ways. This is the reason that we take help from designs. One of the best designs in this regard is the stony walls that do not only look good but they also give a firm impression of strength. One bad thing about applying stones as panels is the price. Purchasing stones, shaping them into panels and making further designs always demand a big fortune which many people definitely do not like to spend.

The cost effective solution to this requirement is to apply the faux panel. Faux panels with stony designs are popular and people prefer them on the walls because they develop the sensation of coziness. Not a long time ago, these panels were applied to the houses’ exteriors but now we have designs which make the interior look beautiful when we apply them. It is worth mentioning here that faux panels are being used from more than forty years but the panels available in recent years resemble the real stone walls in most realistic ways. Faux stone panels do not come only in the painted designs but also in the textured forms. The benefit of using textured faux panels is that you will be using exact replica of real stones used for wall designing.

The faux stone panels create a sensation of coziness in the winters. It also explains that faux panels are better suited in the houses belonging to the parts of the world where there is generally cold weather. However, such designs are also available now which normalize the environment. It is all about colors.

The faux stone panels are very easy to install. You can apply these panels on the walls of concrete, wood or any metal. It is very convenient to cut and shape these panels according to desired size and shape.

As mentioned earlier, faux stone panels are highly cost effective. These panels are way cheaper than the real stone panels. Good thing is the panels made now days give more or less same look as that of real stone.

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